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http://docimages.fi/?dereter=anyoption-strategie&77e=71 Welcome to Asia's premiere Urban Radio Station featuring original tracks from our Artists, covering Hip-Hop, Jazz, RnB, Nu Soul , Indie, EDM and a multitude of other affiliated genres. Keep posted and email us on info@preyproductions.com as we will have our radio schedule(s) and programs and much more online soon.


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These are the artists in the Prey Productions roster.
# Artist Albums Songs
1 Cynthia Su 11 36
2 THE E.O.P feat. Quartz C, J-hoon, Chase Los Angeles, M.C.D Glacius Foxx and M-Twist and DMX 1 1
3 Genie in the Bottle 1 2
4 Honor Rebel 5 8
5 Honor Rebel ft. Lotus and Pitbull 1 1
6 J-Hoon 4 14
7 Kary Sit 3 4
8 M.C.D Glacius Foxx 1 3
9 Macey Nile 2 4
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