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Music Production

Hip Hop, RNB and pop's most prolific music production and branding outfit operating out of Hong Kong.


Hire a professional purpose-built recording studio

Prey Studios is the premier recording studio in Asia. Our three studios are the only purpose built studio in Hong Kong, with two Solid State Logic (SSL) 48 channel consoles and one British Neve 48 channels, with the main Studio A boasting a double height ceiling for optimal acoustic effect.

Studio A was designed by the world leading studio designer Tom Hidley - the only one of its kind in Asia. Studio C, which was added in 1998 was designed by the famous Japanese designer, Sam Toyoshima. Our Mastering Studio has the state of the art mastering facilities including full HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital) capability.



  • Recording for major record companies.
  • Demos and CD projects for bands and musicians.
  • Protools digital recording.
  • Experience producing all styles of music but EXPERTS in hip-hop / RNB and soul
  • Live Concert recording.

Hire an award-winning team of talented sound engineers

Post Production

  • Mastering
  • Surround Mastering
  • Editing
  • Audio Restoration
  • Re-mastering


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